Bertha Ochieng, Danny D Meetoo
Journal of Health Visiting, Vol. 5, Iss. 1, 18 Jan 2017, pp 38 - 43

The purpose of this study was to explore beliefs and attitudes
regarding sexual health among minority ethnic families.
Focus group discussions with a convenience sample from a
black African community comprising 32 adults (38-58 years
of age) were undertaken. The group discussions were recorded,
transcribed and analysed for themes. The findings were
analysed using descriptive analysis and a variation of the
constant comparative method. Primary themes included the
participants' understanding of the concept of sexual health; an
insight into sexual health discourse in the home; and the need
for culturally appropriate sexual health promotion. This study
contributes to our knowledge of black African parents' views on
sexual health. It adds to previous literature on sexual health,
gives voice to minority parents and their adolescent children,
and highlights the importance of social norms, family and
cultural values on sexual health.

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