Amy Noakes
Journal of Health Visiting, Vol. 5, Iss. 9, 20 Sep 2017, pp 442 - 446

Breast milk provides both long- and short-term health benefits
for mother and infant, including reduced risk of respiratory
and gastrointestinal diseases for the child and osteoporosis
and some cancers for the mother (Renfrew et al, 2012). The
World Health Organisation (2013) recommends exclusive
breastfeeding until 6 months and subsequent feeding until
2 years complemented by nutritious foods. In the past,
expressed breast milk feeding was chiefly associated with the
premature or unwell infant; however, the domestic personal
breast pump has evolved into an efficient and aesthetically
pleasing device, meaning it has become increasingly common
for healthy term infants to be fed via this route (Rasmussen
and Geraghty, 2011; Jiang, 2015). This article will provide an
overview of expressing milk and a guide for health visitors to
advise mothers on the best methods to use.

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