Emma Kelly
Journal of Health Visiting, Vol. 5, Iss. 9, 20 Sep 2017, pp 448 - 452

Complementary feeding (CF) is seen as one of the most
significant milestones for the developing infant and one that
has a lifelong impact on health and wellbeing (Scientific
Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), 2011). This article
describes a project that looked at the issuing of CF advice, to
undertake a service improvement with the aim of improving
the timing, consistency and quality of CF advice to infants
under 6 months of age and their families. In the current
financial climate it is important to implement a change
without increasing staff levels or caseloads. The change
consisted of issuing CF advice universally at the already
established 6-8 week contact, enabling parents to better
understand the rationale behind current guidelines to make
informed choices about when to start solid food and what food
to offer.

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