Elizabeth Radcliff, Elizabeth Crouch, Jennifer Browder, Janet Place
Journal of Health Visiting, Vol. 5, Iss. 11, 15 Nov 2017, pp 558 - 565

This article describes an evaluation of a home visiting
workforce in South Carolina, US. Using multiple surveys,
the workforce was examined to determine its demographic
characteristics, job satisfaction and confidence in core
competencies. Overall, the home visitors were well-educated
and experienced, but most were relatively new to their current
agencies. Around 22% were less than satisfied with their work,
with the greatest areas of dissatisfaction being pay, working
conditions and opportunity for promotion. The home visitors
felt well-trained in interpersonal skills but least confident in
skills relating to positive parenting, developmental delays
and dealing with caregiver depression. Understanding key
characteristics of a workforce can inform strategic efforts
towards workforce planning, support and training.

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