Rachel Muncey
Journal of Health Visiting, Vol. 6, Iss. 11, 19 Nov 2018, pp - 566

Around 95% of health visitors are qualified as community practitioner nurse prescribers. Despite research demonstrating the benefits of nurse prescribing in general, there is a lack of evidence regarding the impact of health visitors' prescribing. This article explores whether there is an association between parents/carers of children under 5 who receive prescriptions or medicines advice by a health visitor and GP attendances. Cross-sectional surveys were delivered in health visitor clinics and the results showed that, for those who received advice from a health visitor, the majority did not access the GP for the same issue. They had high levels of satisfaction with advice
and prescriptions given, with the most common reason for not attending the GP being that health visitors had already addressed the issue. Health visitors were perceived as helpful and trustworthy, and easier and more convenient to access than GPs.

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